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Consulting and Management

At Quality Culinary Solutions, we understand that management consulting without context doesn’t work. It works when we listen to clearly understand where your culinary community has been, where it is right now—in the context of your daily challenges—and where you want to take your organization to succeed. Drawing on the depth of our talent, we form a collaborative team that combines our strengths with yours.

Together we assess your needs: asking the right questions, researching the current state, and designing future states of your operating dining environment. Then we get to work: doing the analysis, finding the insights, gaining consensus, and developing and executing the comprehensive roadmap for your business objectives. It’s a focused—and fluid—journey we take together. One that is invigorating, challenging, and rewarding. It’s not about finding a quick solution or making an obvious recommendation. It’s about building the future of your community.


• Menu Architecture
• Purchasing (GPOs)
• P&L Financial Management
• Profit/Revenue Building
• Growth Training & Development

• Regulation guidance
• Hospitality Service Training
• Create Partnerships with Food Distributors
• Leadership Training & Coaching
• Performance Metrics & Management

• F&B/Business Operations
• Process Improvement
• Team Building & Management
• Cost Control & Budgeting
• Nutrition Optimization




  • I have worked in the LTC/PAC sectors for over 35 years in both the for-profit and non-profit organizations directing operations, including Culinary Services.  The meeting the expectations of the patient/resident and the quality of the meals being served is of critical importance to the success and sustainablity of the organization.  Meals happen three times a day and are a central social point for the campus.  Rich Daehn's model and his leadership have created an excellent example of how culinary can become a point of excellence for an organization.  Rich understands the nutritional needs of the individual but also their expectation of consuming meals that are tasty and appealing.  He has developed a niche' that has not been duplicated by any other consulting or culinary services vendor.  I highly recommend his model to my colleagues in the sector.

    Steven Chies
  • It was a great experience to watch Rich bring the secrets of culinary service and guest satisfaction from the restaurants and hotels of the hospitality industry into the Senior Living setting. His passion for quality and service generated an excitement and enthusiasm with over 40 culinary leaders in the  apartment, assisted living and nursing facilities across our long term care organization.  All supported by a Baldrige based continuous quality improvement process and important key measures and metrics.  His success was a big part of the organization achieving the highest level of Baldrige state recognition.  He created an entire new standard of excellence for us in food quality, presentation and enhanced guest satisfaction.

    Dale Thompson
  • I have had the opportunity to watch, listen and lead with Rich. As a leader Rich can see how the power of effective coaching inspires greater performance and potential in a team and organization. Rich is very good at leading with integrity, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone. He is engaging, motivating and encouraging.

    SR. Lisa Maurer
  • When I reflect about all that I have learned from Rich, it is hard to summarize into a couple sentences. Firstly when I think of the word “leader” he is the first person I think of. Rich has become a true mentor to me. I have had the excellent opportunity of working on two new kitchens, serving kitchens, restaurants, bistros and on campus c-stores in two different senior living communities construction projects recently with Rich – both of which would not have been successful without Rich’s culinary and hospitality vision. He is deeply dedicated to improving our culinary and hospitality experience. He has taught me to think outside the box with our guest experience, menu development, and associate growth.

    Krista Swanson


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